Innovation 4.0
as a pillar
of new growth

Innovation 4.0
as a pillar
of new growth



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Guest region 2021

Having the participation of one of Germany's business innovation ecosystems will allow:

  • Generate connections and business opportunities with Bavarian companies.
  • Establish contacts with potential investment technology partners.



Hitendra Patel

Managing Director de
IXL Center

Detlef Houdeadu

Senior Director de Infineon Technologies. Industry 4.0 Expert

Matthias Streller

CEO of the Bávaro State Sensor Technology Cluster

Carolina Durán

Secretary of Economic Development of Bogotá Mayor's Office

Daniel Gonzaga

Chief Research, Development & Innovation Officer de Belcorp

Erez Zaionce

C4IR Colombia Director

Ronald Jonash

Chair of the board del Global Innovation Management Institute

Michelle Jochamowitz

Corporate Innovation & Development Executive Director de Belcorp


Strategic partnerships to boost innovation

Digital transformation

Innovative business models

Growth mindset through innovation

Strategic management of the innovation portfolio

Fast and low-cost prototyping


Innova Latam 2021 PROGRAM

Innova Latam 2021 will be a space for articulation and learning with the different leading actors of the national and international innovation ecosystem. with a virtual and face-to-face experience in Cartagena, Colombia.

Exclusive VIP pass

Virtual Conferences


International Networking

Senior Management Masterclass *


Meet & Greet*

Private session with innovation guru *

* Subject to public health policies established by the National Government.

The Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena is a reliable ally that promotes sustainable development & competitiveness in the region.

  • Access to database of 30,000 companies in the department.
  • Strong relationships with governmental agencies, business associations, big companies and SMEs.
  • Strong reputation and accountability.
  • Cooperation with other chambers of commerce throughout Colombia.
  • Experience executing events and trainings for companies.

IXL Center helps Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and governments to build innovation capabilities and breakthroughs to generate growth:

  • Experience working with 100+ biggest companies in the world.
  • Unique heritage in innovation consulting and management education.
  • Support the development of innovation capabilities to drive sustainable growth.
  • Proved methodology and tools to support innovation efforts and structure


The Global Innovation Management Institute is the global nonprofit standard certification board for innovation and innovation management

  • Over 800 organizations have participated in developing competencies in innovation based on their innovation frameworks and processes.
  • Over 10,000 innovation experts worldwide have developed mastery of innovation through their structured courses and manuals.
  • More than 40 universities worldwide have taught innovation courses with their methodology

About us

The Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena, IXL Center and GIMI Institute have partnered to bring this unique event to you.


We have a sponsorship that allows you to be a strategic partner for Innova Latam 2021.


We have a sponsorship that allows you to be a strategic partner for Innova Latam 2021.

They will be able to access workshops that allow the company to consolidate and appropriate current topics such as best practices to apply the mentality of growth and adaptation to new methodologies and practices of open innovation and digital transformation.

They will have face-to-face and virtual access to the innovation ecosystem, to schedule meetings with speakers and entrepreneurs to share experiences and discover business opportunities.

They will have a 30-minute mentorship with an international innovation guru.

It is time to reactivate physical interaction while maintaining biosecurity, with Innova Latam you can enjoy a VIP experience with expert speakers.

They will have special diffusion in all the materials of the event: website, invitations, merchandising, e-mails.

They will have access to the database of event participants and start-ups that offer solutions relevant to their industry.

They will get a ticket to the InnovaFlanders congress in Belgium, in person or online.

* Subject to public health policies established by the National Government.

Innova Latam